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Thursday, January 20, 2011

By Fav on the Go Spot !



Walking into Snap Kitchen is like walking into a trendy frozen yogurt spot: the chairs are sleek and egg-shaped, the walls decorated in a clean, green and white color palette. But don’t let the modern décor fool you—the kitchen behind the scenes is preparing food from scratch with the freshest ingredients and chef-inspired techniques. Though it may be designed for the modern lifestyle, its emphasis on careful preparation distinguishes Snap Kitchen from other fast food alternatives.
Snap Kitchen seeks to help Austinites jumpstart healthier habits with programs like Snap Commit, a three-week meal plan tailored to the customer’s needs and fitness goals. “For twenty-one days, you don’t have to think about taking care of food—it’s like having a personal chef,” Andrea Hinsdale, a registered dietitian at Snap, notes. It was, in fact, strangely liberating: each day consisted of three meals and two snacks, a parade of unique ingredients such as sambal spice and grapeseed oil. Though I often found the protein-rich breakfasts too heavy for my taste, I couldn’t help but look forward to flavorful dishes like the Chimichurri Chicken on a bed of roasted vegetables and tossed with cumin and paprika. The bold flavors made it easy to forgo the saturated fats that many typical restaurants rely on for taste. “We don’t have the cream and butter sauces to fall back on,” Hinsdale points out. “We use fresh ingredients that highlight the flavor of the food.”
Snap Kitchen’s low-fat, high-flavor methods pay off in dishes like the Ginger Glazed Chicken, perched atop a creamy edamame purée. Another standout meal was the Ahi Tuna Niçoise salad. Tossed in the usual red wine vinaigrette, the salad featured boiled eggs, green beans, and potatoes – all classic Niçoise fare—but with Snap’s modern addition of seared, sushi-grade Ahi tuna. “We’re providing people food they can relate to, but it’s a rethought, redone meal,” says Hinsdale. The result is exciting dishes that are both chef-inspired and dietician-approved. Whether a comprehensive program like Snap Commit or simply a family dinner, Snap Kitchen offers a variety of palate-pleasing dining options to suit lifestyle and dietary needs. “Most people know what they’re supposed to eat,” Hinsdale observes. “We just make it fast and easy. It’s something you can feel good about feeding your family.” Snap Kitchen is doing what once seemed impossible: reinventing fast food to mean both healthy and delicious.

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