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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mad Men Desinger Janie Bryand Unveils Spring Line for QVC

John Shearer, Getty Images for AMC
Betty Draper, eat your jealous heart out.

"Mad Men" costume designer Janie Bryant is unveiling her latest MOD collection for QVC as part of the shopping network's Academy Awards-themed red-carpet show from Los Angeles on Feb. 26

Bryant gave StyleList a sneak peek of some looks before the show's premiere. One look at her lace trench coat and we were as smitten as Don Draper's secretary du jour.

Bryant, who was one of the nominees at this week's Costume Designers Guild Awards, is currently on hiatus from "Mad Men" and is busy promoting her new book, "The Fashion File," as well as her ongoing role as spokeswoman for Maidenform shapewear.

Before we hit speed-dial to order that trench, StyleList touched base with Bryant to chat about the new collection.

StyleList: Last fall, you were wearing the faux-lynx capelet from your QVC collection. So what are your spring "MOD" must haves?
Janie Bryant:
The lace trench! I want it in black. It would look beautiful with just an ivory sheath, but I also want to wear it with crazy zipper leggings. I want to do the whole leather and lace thing with it!

I'm also crazy about my leather embossed bag. I just came back from Italy with some girlfriends, and I carried it into some stores and the owners were stopping me and asking, "Where do you get a back like that? Who made it? Where do I get it?" That's a high compliment in Italy. I was thrilled.

StyleList: You've been very clear this collection is not about "Mad Men" per se, but your own vision and inspirations.
J.B.: For the fall, I used lots and lots of old Vogue magazines for inspiration, but I have to say I was feeling very, very romantic for spring. I have the rose-printed jacket, the lace trench and then a hand-sewn rhinestone tunic. All of the pieces were inspired by the romantic feeling of Grace Kelly and just that real '50s feel and color palette. I also wanted that vintage look to be a little bit of inspiration for the customer. I think it's so important that these pieces can go from day to evening, and they all do.

StyleList: You are going to debut the collection at QVC's Oscars preshow.
They are perfect clothes for a little Hollywood drama. One look we're showing is the light-blue rhinestone tunic with the black lace trench and leggings. It's unexpected, but looks great. I like making things a little edgy. I like that they have ladylike appeal, but also that they are pieces in your wardrobe that can be open to interpretation.

StyleList: I know you make it a policy of not talking about "Mad Men" characters in depth, but a few of the pieces would look great on Betty Draper.
J.B.: (Laughs) Well, I would love to see January Jones in the lace trench. She would look amazing in it, but it's too modern for Betty Draper. It would never work on the show. But I do think that the rose-print swing jacket is one piece that could be on the show. It's very relevant to the period and really any one of the characters would look great in it.

Bryant's collections will be featured on QVC's "The Buzz on the Red Carpet" show from 8 to 11 p.m. on Feb. 26.

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