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Saturday, February 19, 2011

What every Woman should Own

Here is what I have with me at all times and I think you should to just in case of a fashion disaster.

Fashion Tape
Fashion tape has become pretty popular and is offered by several brands but my favorite is Hollywood Fashion Tape.

Fashion tape is exactly what it sounds like; it's tape that holds your clothes in place. Red carpet celebrities and models have been using fashion tape for years and thankfully it is now being offered freely to consumers.

Hollywood Fashion Tape offers adhesive that is gentle on the skin and that won't stain your clothing. 36 double-stick strip tins are available for $8.99.

Bra Strap Clip (to make all bras convertible)
If you don't have one of these handy dandy little accessories yet, try your local department store's lingerie section (they usually carry them) or try LoveMyBubbles.com which carries single bra strap clips for $5 or a three-pack for $12 or UnseenSecrets.com which offers a three-pack of black, white, and clear for $14.95.

These little plastic clips are absolutely vital to a woman's wardrobe and will save you tons of money. Each little clip can morph your bra into a racerback bra, halter bra or standard bra, giving you multiple options with just one bra. It's much more cost efficient to buy one bra that can be worn with several different kinds of shirts and dresses than to buy a new bra for each outfit.

Also the flower petals they have at Victoria Secrets because your nipples showing isn't cool

Pill Remover
Pill remover is a product which removes pills, fuzz, and knots from clothing, pill removers can be battery-operated or not. My favorite pill remover product is the non battery-operated, Sweater Saver, and is offered by Hollywood, the same company that makes the fashion tape mentioned above.

Sweater Saver offers a unique pumice stone format for de-pilling clothing. One re-useable Sweater Saver pumice stone can be purchased for $5.99

Don't you hate it when you've spent several hours in a pair of heels only to take them off and find that you've got a painful blister which will prevent you from wearing cute shoes for at least a few days to
come? Try getting yourself some heel cushions to prevent slipping and blistering.

There are several options out there for foot relief, here are two possible choices:
Model Behaviour's Twinkle Toes Heel Guards available for $9.95 and Foot Petals Sole Solutionz and Peek-A-Shoe Pouch Kit which contains several different foot protection items, available at Zappos for $40.

Heel Protectors
Like any other woman, I have ruined my share of high heels in subway grates, sidewalk cracks, or just sinking into grass, so I am thrilled that high heel protectors are available now. You'll prolong the life of your shoes by purchasing a few of these inexpensive little gems. There are several different kinds available, you may want to get a few of each kind and wear them according to your occasion and location.

SmartHeel Heel Protectors, available for $11.95 each in black or clear. These wrap around the length of the heel and are made for protection from subway grates, sidewalk cracks, and cobblestones (i.e. things that scrape and scratch your heel).

** SoleMates High Heel Protector, available for $9.95 each in black or clear.

This heel protector is my favorite because unlike the one listed above; the SoleMates High Heel Protector actually prevents you from ever falling into cracks or grates or sinking into grass by providing a wide tip that can be applied to the end of the heel. This tip is far too wide to allow for sinking or falling into cracks.

So next time your out shopping keep these items in mind

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