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Friday, February 4, 2011

7 Thing's Lucky Magazine Is Talking about this week

1. From her favorite lip product to the last thing she purchased, Heidi Klum answers our burning questions. 

2. Whether you need to find the perfect pair of platforms or are seeking a step-by-step eyeliner tutorial--we are on the case (seriously, we haven't been this excited for the phone to ring since 7th grade)!

3. Avoid the Michelin Man effect by layering up in these cozy-yet-chic cold weather accessories

4. This spring we are deferring to our favorite crew of fashion bloggers to style the season's hottest trends. 

5. With so many great options out there, we have totally embraced the sleek reinvention of pointy-toed heels

6. Our breakdown of Seattle's shopping is an indie lovers paradise--this batch of quirky gems is worth the trip alone. 

7. Between insider secrets and ultra-effective technology, we've got the recipe for perfectly hydrated skin.

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