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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dallas Tidbits's

Guys have it easy. There are just three words to remember in Valentine’s gift-giving: jewelry, flowers, chocolate. It’s a lot harder for us gals.
Grab a pair of Royal Highnies, handmade 400 thread count Pima cotton boxers every gentleman should own. The Southern seamstresses behind the regal brand spent years crafting the super-soft shorts. They’re as heavenly as a Westin bed, and they promise no shrinkage. Gift your guy with the trademark crown – Tiny Highnies are the mini-me version fit for a little prince.
What better holiday to start protecting the family jewels?
Local retailers include Pockets Menswear, The Gypsy Wagon, Culwell & Son and Stanley Korshak.
Dateless in Dallas? Hit the W Victory’s Singles in the City party in the Living Room Bar next Monday, February 14th, from 6 – 9 p.m. Treat yourself to Sangrita Margaritas and mini manis from Bliss. One guest will score a seductive spa gift package. (Tickets are $10.)

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