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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The rules of Dressing for the Super Bowl Game!

Take a cue from celebs and football fans, from left, Kate Mara (fitted sports T-shirt), Jessica Simpson (casual jeans) and Kim Kardashian (high ponytail), when dressing for your Super Bowl Party. Photos: Neilson Barnard, WireImage.com; Maciel Fox Epa, X17online.com; Win McNamee, Getty
Are you ready to score some fashion points at your upcoming Super Bowl party?

Figuring out how to tackle attire for a sporty event just takes a few strategic plays.

"Women should think about how they dress for St. Patrick's Day," fashion guru and "My Body, My Style" host Sam Saboura tells StyleList. "People like to include a little green in their outfit, but it doesn't mean you dress like a Leprechaun. The same rule applies when you're dressing for a sporting event. You don't have to paint your face and be a crazy, masculine sports fan. There are a lot of ways to bring femininity in."

Even the NFL believes in bringing some girlie style to football gear.

"The NFL Women's Apparel Fit For You campaign offers new ways to celebrate your favorite team with apparel designed and developed just for women," Tracey Bleczinski, vice president for apparel at NFL, tells StyleList. "The line offers numerous styles and sizes for the NFL's robust and passionate female fan base, including junior, missy, plus-sized and maternity. It's all about fashionable and fitted T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, lounge wear and even jerseys -- a huge departure from the oversized jersey."

So, whether you spend Feb. 6 rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers, cheering on the Green Bay Packers or just hitting a party for the fun of it, we asked Saboura and Bleczinski for tips on avoiding fashion fumbles, and, instead, scoring a Super Bowl style touchdown.

Dress up a fitted T-shirt from NFL Women's Apparel with skinny jeans and black cardigan to support your team while still looking chic. Credit: NFL

1. Throw in the towel for a chic scarf.
Steelers fans love to wave their Terrible Towels, but Saboura says a scarf is a more fashionable option.

"Scarves are a great alternative to cliché sports items," he says. "And stripes are a huge trend for spring, so you can look for a striped scarf that features one of the team colors."

Just pick one color, though, that's paired with white, rather than pairing the two team colors together.

"There's no need to go completely literal," he says. "You could wear the scarf with a cute, feminine cardigan, and that would be a fun way to dress sporty and support your team, but still look stylish."

2. Go for a colorful, layering blitz.
"This season is all about layering, which also applies to team apparel," Bleczinski says. "With a T-shirt, you can go for a preppy look with a button down underneath and a fitted blazer on top, or you can go for a more casual game day look with a complimentary-color long-sleeve cotton shirt beneath and a big knit scarf. However, the T-shirt can be the star of your outfit and add skinny jeans and high boots."

3. Kick off your stilettos.
"Ditch your heels for a great athletic shoe or a fun pair of flats," Saboura says. "It's a way to keep it casual, but still be feminine."

4. Score extra beauty points.
Consider your hair. "The high ponytail is a huge trend coming off the Golden Globes red carpet, and it's a big trend for spring," Saboura says. "The high ponytail will give you a sporty/athletic vibe, but it will still look feminine and attractive."
Another idea: Paint your nails in one of your favorite team's colors, Saboura suggests. But just one hue -- no alternating colors allowed.

5. Avoid fashion fouls.
"No PajamaJeans, please," Saboura says. "And no Snuggies. Avoid anything overly athletic, like something you'd find in a PE class or a sporting goods store."

6. Prepare a denim defense. "Jeans are always my go to for these events, even if it's a dressier party," Saboura says.

7. Accessories zone. "NFL Women's product line includes watches, hair accessories, socks, jewelry and even nail polish," Bleczinski says. "The Gametime elegance watch is especially perfect for women who want an understated nod to their favorite team and can be worn all year round."

Saboura says socks are another fun way to bring your boosterism to your outfit. "Little striped socks in one of your team's colors is a way to bring in a trend," he says.

8. You can still opt for sporty coverage.
"For those girls who are really into supporting their team and want to wear a jersey, look for a boy's size in medium or large," Saboura says. "It will fit better. There's nothing less feminine than a girl swimming in her husband's giant jersey. And to contrast the jersey's masculine/athletic look, pair it with leggings or skinny jeans."

Or, Bleczinski says, look for women-specific gear.

"The VF short-sleeve heathered tee, at $16, is super-soft and fitted with a vintage feel, available for both the Steelers and the Packers," she says. "The Touch by Alyssa Milano line also features trendy looks like the Shoulder Lace Top and the Cotton French Terry."

9. Sidelines style.
Go with gold. The Steelers and the Packers both have gold in their team colors, but instead of turning to "high school gym class gold," Saboura suggests using gold accessories to show your spirit.

"If you're not a sports fan, and you're just going to entertain yourself and have fun with your friends, try a fitted black cardigan worn over a T-shirt in a team color with skinny jeans, flats and gold jewelry," he says. "Wearing gold jewelry can be your way of telling everyone you're supporting both teams."

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