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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Photo: Courtesy of Wildfox Couture
Thick, eyelash grazing bangs à la Jane Birkin are still a fresh look for spring, and a great way to quickly change up your hairstyle.
One caveat for this spring trend: if you have very wavy or curly hair—unless you are prepared to blow dry your bangs every morning—you might want to skip this look.
However, if you have a long or oval shaped face, with straight or slightly wavy hair, then these bangs were meant for you.
To style thick bangs: dry the bangs straight, then spray a bit of hairspray onto a brush, and brush through the bangs to keep them in place.
Rodarte, Imaxtree
Other face shapes can of course still pull them off (part of style is knowing the rules in order to break them), but another alternative is the thick side-swept bangs which will better frame a round, heart-shaped or square face, but still have the same heavy fringe look.
Even better, the fringe shown at Rodarte is a perfect no-commitment hairstyle.
If you don’t want to cut your hair (and have to deal with the growing out process) simply separate out a generous section from the front of your hair, twist slightly, and pin behind one ear.
Rodarte, Imaxtree

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