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Monday, January 31, 2011


A true fashionista knows how to pair the high and the low in fashion.  But it isn’t every day that someone takes it to the extreme—like a $15,000 couture dress with good old-fashioned blue jeans.  Naturally, Karl Lagerfeld seems to be one of those few people capable of pulling off such a feat.At Chanel’s spring 2011 couture show, the Kaiser showed the world that some of the best couples are the oddest ones, sending out models swathed in the predictable taffeta and tweed, with denim hiding coyly underneath.  The pants came in a wide range of colors, from rock-n-roll black to bubblegum pink—perfect for matching every outfit in your wardrobe (shop the look here!).  And just in case things weren’t unpredictable enough, some were worn with the sheerest of sheer minis, so transparent that jeans were probably not such a bad idea.
In a meeting with the press, Mr. Lagerfeld cited Chanel’s modern clients, who often pair classic coats with cut-offs, for this haute twist: “It’s not like the old days anymore and couture has to be able to change and adapt.”
Just in time too—with brands like Céline and D&G including jeans in their collections, the look is becoming a major trend for spring 2011 onward.

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