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Friday, January 14, 2011

How to no look lame on your Bike

January 14, 2011 | New York/Daily Candy

Break the Cycle
Nona Varnado Activewear
nona varnado activewear!

The fare hike imminent, you resolved to cycle more (but snow put the brakes on that plan).

Enticing us to climb back on our trusty steed is Nona Varnado’s line of functional and fashionable biking gear.

Varnado, former pro cyclist and feminist, employs details that combine practicality with curve enhancement: copper-zippered derriere pockets play up what your mama gave you; an oversize collar lends face-framing drama (and wind and rain protection) to an eye-popping fuchsia wool jacket.

Two made-to-order gems: a cross-check tweed Sherlock-about-town riding cape with a cinched waist that traps warm air and the Champagne Proof jacket (a necessity for 50 Cent groupies and pro racers).

Prefer couture? Varnado takes custom orders and will even create a slew of jerseys if you and your crew are up for a race — or pub crawl.

Available at Bicycle Habitat, 244 Lafayette Street, between Prince and Spring Streets (212-431-3315); online at nonavarnado.com, $25-$375. Map It

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