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Saturday, January 15, 2011


By classy and fabulous · January 12, 2011

When traveling some people feel the need to treat the airport as their bedroom. They show up in pyjamas, no make up and a total mess. Now I'm not saying it's a black tie affair either but have some respect for yourself and the others around you. Because of this current trend of sloppiness I have decided to create a guide on airport etiquette. When getting ready to go to the airport dress as though you are going to the mall; wear comfortable yet stylish clothes. Cameron Diaz does this best. She is just wearing a simple t-shirt and cardigan with jeans. She ads style with brown riding boots and an oversized bag.

Here are my airport essientals:

I recommend wearing your favourite pair of dark wash jeans, I chose a pair by J Brand and a tank top or short sleeve shirt. I would add a comfortable sweater and casual pair of riding boots like these Fryes. Make sure you wear layers because you never know how hot or cold it will be on the plane. I also would not recommend wearing heels because the idea is to be comfortable. To make it through security quickly don't wear an extensive amount of jewellery this will only slow yourself and the others behind you down.

As for carry-on bags I like to bring a purse like this Coach bag for all my daily essentials as well as an another bag for travel extras such as a laptop or work I can do on the plane. I also like to bring my iPod, a couple magazines and books to keep myself entertained. If I am on a long distance flight I like to bring a pair of sweatpants and sweater (Victoria's Secret or Juicy sets work great!) to change into once I'm on the plane. A sleeping mask is always great incase the person next to you has the window open or reading light on. And most importantly bring cream like this 8 Hour Elizabeth Arden cream because the air in a plane is extremely drying.

Happy Travels! And Let me know what your travel essentials are!

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