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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Betty Lash

Betty Lash started in 2006, when no one had even heard of lash extensions.  “The ladies that were seeking out lash extension services were the trendsetters of their time, wanting the latest and greatest.  People really had to come and find us.  Now, lashes are becoming another staple beauty routine for women.  It’s been interesting over the last year and a half to see it change.  The percentage of women who have heard of lash extension over the past 2 years has increased dramatically.  It’s an interesting dynamic to see change in the industry,“ says owner and founder Kate Merrick-Smith.
The Betty Lash boutique is also about to see a dramatic change as it plans to move to it’s new home at 515 West 15th Street mid March with quite the increase in space.  It’s current home on West 3rd Street is a cozy 650 square feet, where they host a menu of lash extension choices, professional make-up application, sugaring and waxing, as well as the occasional Organic Glow – Nature Sunless Tan.  “We will finally be in a space where we will be able to do all that we have wanted to do here, but just haven’t been able to do,” Kate says as she smiles.
Three additional services will be hosted in the new 2,650 square foot location.  The first additional service, named Be Bell, will offer a few different lines that women can find at stores like Sephora, but also lines that can only be found in the medical field like La Bella Donna and Jane Iredale.  They will also carry top lines that normally are only found in your local dermatologist or esthetician’s office.  Betty Lash will also have an on hand esthetician, so a client can literally walk in from the street and start a consultation on the spot to determine what is lacking in their skincare routine.
The second service, Sugar, is named after the boutique’s alternative method of hair removal.  This service lasts longer than the traditional waxing and is much gentler on the skin.  Betty Lash’s highly specialized staff will also provide traditional waxing, for those less adventurous with their delicate areas.  The third service will specialize in Organic Glow – Nature Sunless Tan, which has been growing in popularity.  “We are looking for women who are highly trained, highly experienced in whatever service they are providing.  The women who are sugaring and waxing are going to be trained in only sugaring and waxing.  You can expect to come in and get a high level of service for each of those different offerings.   With Organic Glow – a perfectly flawless organic spray tan.”
“We want to be the standard for any service that we offer.  What sets us apart (and what I hope always sets us apart) is the level of service from each one of the stylists.  Clients know that if new stylists are hired, they can expect the same level of service that I would offer my own clients.  The level is high. We never waiver and second best will never be good enough for us.”  With a majority of Merrick-Smith’s clients that still frequent the boutique to date, it is clear that Betty Lash sets a high standard for this high maintenance beauty treatment.
Speaking to the plethora of choices from their lash extension menu Kate continues, “Our main focus on a client is to keep the lash health in tact.  That isn’t an easy thing to do.  It takes a lot… monitoring every single appointment.  If we see any changes or fluctuations, we want to talk with our clients about it – what could possibly be the reason for the change.  If that means that we need to change the length of lashes on our part, we will do it.  What we do is find a length and thickness that suits them for an everyday look.  For those requesting the big and chunky lashes, we can accommodate that service if it’s a major event or special occasion (we can push the limits), but then we’re going to bring them right back down after.  Our goal is to have our clients be able to take their lashes off at any point and time and say “Oh, I still have lashes” and that they are still healthy.  We think that’s the main difference that sets us apart, that we take the health of the lash very seriously and it’s our number one goal in providing our service. “
Accessibility has also become an important factor to Betty Lash.  Lashes used to be a luxury service for those women who didn’t want their husbands to see them without mascara.  Now, it’s a service and women are giving up other things in order to have them.  “It makes them feel good about themselves on a daily basis” says Kate.  A new line of strip lashes will also be added on to the menu of choices for lash extension.  It is a five minute process that anyone can get for their special event, whether they are a high school student or a women who wants to put on show-stopping night.  “Time is money for most women.  Whether you’re a mom or an executive, 15 minutes saved is 15 minutes that can be spent doing something else with their time.”
It is no wonder that Betty Lash’s commitment to setting the standard and their increasing number of fans would cause the boutique to expand from their current location.  And with Kate Merrick-Smith leading the way, you know you’re going to get an unparalleled level of service.

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