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Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Different 70's looks

I love the 70's Style. Here are 5 different 70's pre fall 2011 looks!

The New Bell-Bottom

The bell-bottom is super tailored and worn with tie-neck blouses and sharp coats.

By Sportmax

The Vest-and-Dress Look

There's something about sticking a vest over your pretty dress that says, "I could run in a field and stick flowers in my hair at any moment."

By Tracey Reese

Flowy Skirts and Boots

Mary Tyler Moore would rock these looks, and so can you.

By Alice and Olivia

Romance and a Wide-Brimmed Hat

Ah, the '70s boho girl is so romantic, wearing her long dress and big hat.

By Nina Ricci

The Printed Dress

A prettily-printed dress, preferably belted or with a defined waist, is one of the most versatile shapes, and great for work or evening.

By Emilio Pucci

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