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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fashion Blogger designes for H&M

Fashion brands use bloggers as publicity vehicles all the time nowadays, whether a blogger is modeling in an ad campaign, or wearing a collection they were sent for free in a post, or sitting on the front row of a fashion show with a laptop, tweeting about how fabulous things are there. However, H&M reaches the nexus of fashion blogger collaborations with a new collection by Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling, who started her site in 2007. Now the preeminent personal-style blogger of Sweden, Kling's collection will be available only there. And this is a damn shame, because it's one of the best collaborative fast fashion collections in recent memory. The collection hits ten H&M stores in the country on February 3, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to UNICEF. It includes nine items of clothing and two accessories. The Telegraph's Hilary Alexander notes, "Silhouette and materials are more important than decoration and any details are considered and discreet, such as an uneven hem on a washed leather jacket, a raw edge to finish off wide-leg trousers, or a hidden chain at the neckline of a dress." See more on Kling's blog. Makes you wonder about the future of clothing design, if it's the next step for popular style bloggers these days.

H&M teams up with fashion blogger [Telegraph UK]


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